Manufacturing of Dental Articles - Made in Italy

Approximately the 90% of the articles in our catalogue is entirely produced from us in our factories in Italy: every productive step of each article is followed by our qualified staff. For more information CLICK HERE
We can offer you the service of Private Label on our articles: approximately the entire range can be personalized, both on packaging and on the marking of the single article. For more information CLICK HERE
We want to underline the origin of our products: around the 90% of our articles is Made In Italy. We guarantee the use of high quality raw material and a final product of good Italian quality. For more information CLICK HERE
The new Saving of Costs on Transport Costs
Continuous studies bring us to a new Patent on our leading product Saliva Ejectors: The bag of 100 pieces is externally wrapped in a safety seal, as a guarantee of quality: we can load approximately the 50% more of goods on a standard pallet 120x80, compared to the competitors, without any damage of the boxes on the first layer. For more information, CLICK HERE

New Production of Disposable Towels

Large Colour Range, High Quality Raw Materials
Produced with high quality raw material, our disposable towels are produced wiht bright and pleasant colors, to satisfy any desire.
Composed with layers of pure cellulose, we guarantee a perfect absorption of the liquids which can fall down during the treatments, but always with a  perfect impermeability, due to a layer of high quality polyester, perfectyl coupled without use of any glue.
Our disposable towels  are produced in our facilities in Lucca, pulsating heart of the production of paper, by using high quality raw material, totally non toxic.

For more information click here: DISPOSABLE TOWELS