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Dental Market differentiates itself on the global market of production and sale of dental articles for dental cabinet for a productive philosophy based on three concept keys:



We offer to our customers the service of PRIVATE LABEL on all of our articles, which can be totally personalized both on packaging and on marking of the single piece. The real power of our flexibility is in the possibility to offer to our customers the service of private label and development of new projects also on very small quantities.

Another strong point is in the organization of our WAREHOUSE, which is always equipped with all the articles, to let our customers have what they need ready to be shipped, without the necessity to have by themselves a big stock; moreover they have the possibility to make small orders with competitive prices and quick delivery times.

We are a FAMILY COMPANY and we are firmly convinced that the real value of a reality is given by people: for us the customer is first of all a person to listen and a possibility to find the right solution to his necessity. We try to satisfy all the requests that we receive and we know that first of all it is essential to create a personal relationship based on mutual confidence.


The personalization offered to our customers is not only the development of a new projects, but also PRIVATE LABEL, consisting in personalization of stickers, personalization of boxes, marking of products with private Logo with Laser mark, most of all on aluminium and stainless steel articles

We are able to produce and to develop in exclusivity for our customers UNIQUE PROJECTS, totally personalized according to our customer’s needs.


Thanks to a large machineries inventory, to our mechanical workshop and to a continuous research to improve our offer, Dental Market is able to develop NEW ARTICLES from the beginning and we are able to modify existing projects in exclusivity for our customers