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Dental Market Today

DENTAL MARKET srl is a company of manufacturing and sale of dental products for dental cabinet, who is a solid reality on the national and international market, born about 40 years ago.
The company is part of a group born in 1923, "Group Nostrum" which now operates in various sectors, more than the production of dental articles.
Dental Market began as a subcontractor, specialized in the production of stainless steel and aluminium articles and it becomes today a versatile reality, who is able to produce as a subcontractor, totally personalizing the product, but who is able to introduce, in both the national and international market, the new PLUSS brand, private label of DENTAL MARKET.
Over the years the company increasingly specialized itself in the production of aluminium and stainless steel articles, as impression trays, surgical instruments, the whole line of trays and endodontic boxes, entirely Made in Italy, completely produced in our facilities in Tuscany.
At the same time Dental Market has succeeded to develop a wide experience in manufacturing of plastic and disposable articles, where we can find its two leading articles, disposable saliva ejectors and disposable towels, produced with modern machineries in our facilities in Tuscany, with the highest levels of quality and productivity.
At the basis of these productions, a solid experience and continuous studies are fundamental principles, which bring constant improvements and innovations in the products.
DENTAL MARKET articles are a guarantee of the MADE IN ITALY products quality, combining choice of good raw materials and always proposing competitive prices.

Our production philosophy is based on concepts that today are far from the difficult international market period: we work on the stock of our warehouse. Our production plans are based on large production batches, in order to save maximum on production costs, optimizing work costs and most important, we work to have all the articles always in stock ready to be shipped.
Our warehouse is organized to ship the order within few days, to avoid to our customers the necessity to make a big stock.
Our strength is our flexibility: we are able to meet every need of our customers, in terms of shipments, in terms of personalization of packaging, in terms of development of new products.
Our large machinery inventory allows us to develop new projects, producing new items, also producing a certain product exclusively for a customers.
We also offer a total private label of the product, both from the point of view of packaging and of the marking of the product with private logo.

In a changing market, our company Dental Market considers the ISO and CE marking point of reference for the quality of its products. The company in fact renews annually its ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and CE certifications of its medical devices.

For more information on Gruppo Nostrum, please  click here: www.grupponostrum.it

Dental Market srl is part of UNIDI – National Union of Italinan Dental Industries who includes the best of the Italian Manufacturing Companies of dental articles.

For more information: www.unidi.it