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Pluss Saliva Ejectors


• They are totally Made in Italy, produced in our facilities in Tuscany
• They are certified in Class IIa and they are produced according to all requisites of law
• They are perfectly round
• After bending they keep the desired shape
• The removable tip is designed to have a great resistance on the tube: there are some inner hooks that provide a good resistance and that avoid any accidental falls of the tip during the use. To remove it, the operator must apply a considerable force
• We use high quality raw materials, totally non-toxic

Continuous studies and improvements brought us to the application of 3 patents on our disposable saliva ejectors Pluss:

FIRST PATENT: the copper-coated wire inside the tube is stopped without any glue, which is normally used by the other manufacturers: the wire is integrated into the plastic during the manufacturing process. It achieves a unique and completely non-toxic product. Moreover, this method ensures that the wire doesn’t come out during the bending of the tube

SECOND PATENT: the bag of 100 pieces is externally wrapped by a safety seal, as a guarantee of quality. For the sale to dentists it is an additional subject compared to the competition, because with the application of the safety seal we guarantee to our customers that we made all quality checks during production process. Moreover, it represents for dealers a considerable savings in transport costs: the carton box with new packaging - safety seal is smaller than the carton box with standard packaging. 1 pallet 120x80 can be fit with about 50% more of goods, without any damage of the cartons on the first layers, with an obvious saving on transport costs

THIRD PATENT: each piece is passed through a decontamination machine, during the production process, to offer to our customers saliva ejectors which has been sanitised, first of similar product with this peculiarity on the global market.