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Production Reality since 1980

DENTAL MARKET was founded in 1980 as a company of manufacturing of dental products, specialized in moulding and production of stainless steel and aluminium articles.

In our facilities in Tuscany we produce a full range of impression trays, boxes and trays of all sizes, dental instruments and different accessories for dental cabinet made of aluminium and stainless steel material.

Our machinery inventory includes moulding presses, punching-machines for cutting, polisher machines for finishing of metal articles, cutting laser, marking laser, lathes for the production of tips and handles for surgical instruments, some other machines for finishing of surgical instruments, anodising machines to colour all the articles made of aluminium.

Over the years we also improved a long and well-rooted experience in the production of plastic and disposable articles, where we find our leading articles and our current core business:

disposable saliva ejectors and disposable towels.

Two production machines of latest generation with strong peculiarities, continuous personalization, research of high quality raw material give to Dental Market the possibility to produce high quality dental articles, with unique features and completely
Made in Italy